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  1. Amethyst Cluster

    Protects from far- infrared Radiation protects from Negative ions Calms the Mind Relives Stress From Evil Intentions
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  2. Pure Citrine Crystal

    stimulates mental power and helps to focus brings happiness transforms negativity into positive energy it is a powerful cleanser and regenerator its also self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement.
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  3. Black Tourmaline Cluster

    Its is pyroelectric release negative ions released far infrared rays shield from powerful psychic protection encourage optimistic attitude protection against negative energy strong spiritual grounding protects, happiness ,luck & prosperity
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  4. Pure Turquoise Cluster

    Fights Asthma, Depression, High Blood Pressure Stability in married life Increase Focus Enhances immunity Eliminates Risks Protect from thieves, accidents
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  5. Pure Green Aventurine Cluster

    Beneficial for fertility Beneficial in Genito urinary problems Lowers cholesterol Reinforces one's Decisiveness Amplifies leadership qualities stimulates life giving energy Wear this for prosperity
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5 Item(s)