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September Gemstone

Month of September (Blue Sapphire & Emerald)

The month of September is dominated by the planet Mercury and, therefore, you are governed by Mercurian characteristics.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

The most lucky jewels for you are Blue Sapphire , Emerald , or Amber Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days, please refer to your individual number and find out a common factor and make the final selection.

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You are very active and quick. This is true not only of your physical agility but also of your mind. You are very skillful and have intuition. You are proficient in games where you use your hands as well as your brain. You have the capacity to judge the ability of your opponents in games and know very well how to take advantage of the weak points of your opponents. You are fond of oratory and eloquence expressing yourself. You are energetic and constantly working. You are adroit and crafty and a constant schemer. You have the capacity to pursue your objective and know very well how to plan to achieve your aims.

You hardly lose any opportunity and put every hour to use. You are deeply interested in occult subjects and would like to master all the intricacies of abstruse subjects. You are a lover of nature and are fond of animals like horses and dogs. You are also interested in reading books on scientific subjects; romantic subjects are of little interest to you.

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Your basic health defect is biliousness and nervousness. Your biliousness is closely related to your psychological disturbances. Experience shows that your biliousness increases with increase in tension and is reduced or disappears when your nervous trouble is under control. If you suffer from this trouble, you may have paralytic trouble, mostly in your arms or upper portion. You may also experience stammering or impediments in speech.

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