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October Gemstone

Month of October (Sapphire & Emerald)

The month of October is ruled by the planet Venus, you are therefore governed by Venusian characteristics.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

Opal , or South Sea Pearl are lucky for you and you should use for good luck. Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days, please refer to your individual number and find out a common factor and make the final selection.

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You have a pleasant personality. Your presence radiates enthusiasm, energy and charm. Sometimes others may be required to put aside their ideas of morality and social conduct in understanding and appreciating your feelings and views. You are gifted with health, vitality and warmth. You have a great attraction for beauty and love. You desire a life full of ease, luxury, money and happiness. You prefer spending to saving. It is true that you have vigour and warmth of passions but it does not necessarily mean that you are fond of sex. You are a born artist and art and beauty in life have an attraction for you.

Therefore your love for nature and beauty should not be misunderstood. You try to understand the grievances and difficulties of others through a considerate approach. You prefer joy to gloom and have the capacity to carry others along with you to moments of enjoyment. Your outlook is bright and vivacious. You like to remain honest and truthful in love and friendship.

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On the whole you have good health. However, you are susceptible to fever and impurities of blood and nervousness. You may also suffer from pain in the back and severe headache and peculiar maladies of the skin.

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