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Month of March (Topaz & Sapphire )

Month of January (GARNET & PEARL)

Jupiter is the ruling planet of those who are born in the month of March. Naturally you are governed by Jupiterian.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

Your most lucky jewels are Topaz, Yellow Sapphire , or Emerald Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days please refer to your individual number and find out the common factor and select the final jewel and colour.

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You are courteous, generous and broad-minded. You have a natural understanding and intuition. You are ambitious and feel that you must know your subjects well. You are loyal to your friends and generally succeed in all positions’ responsibility. You are strict about law and order. You are very easy going and surrounded by false friends. You have a dual personality and your action depends upon which personality dominates you at a particular moment. You have a mystical side as well as a practical one. You like to search for the unknown and the esoteric.

Although you are generous you are anxious about money matters and worry about your future monetary status. Artists, musicians and literary people are born in this month. You have a great sense of comfort and decorate your home in a luxurious way. You are beautiful and talented but spend your time in an idle way, seeking entertainment. When you are of good or robust health; you make a devoted, charming and sympathetic wife

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Your sickness is mainly psychological and you usually suffer from mental depression, insomnia, nervousness etc. You also suffer from rheumatic trouble, intestinal disturbance and pain in the feet. Over anxiety often causes faulty digestion and poor blood circulation.

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