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June Gemstone

Month of June (Emerald & Sapphire)

The month of June is dominated by the planet Mercury and therefore you are governed by the Mercurian characteristics.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

Your lucky jewels are Yellow Sapphire , or Emerald Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days, please refer to your individual number and then find out the common factor.

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The Mercurian Rashi for this month is Gemini which has the symbol of twins. The main characteristic of the person born in this month is duality and therefore you play a double role in life. It is very difficult to understand you. Sometimes you look hot-headed and sometimes you appear very cool. You may like a particular thing but at the same time you may criticise it. You are sharp, brilliant and quick and can win over your rivals. You are ambitious but hardly know what you want to achieve.

But only when you are in the right mood, otherwise your behaviour is uncertain. One cannot expect you to be constant in your ideas or plans. You are usually restless and want what you do not have. You can be successful as an actor or lawyer or in any other occupation where you are required to change your role quite often. However you will hardly admit your dual personality unless you are in a self- analytical mood. Owing to your changing moods you can hardly go in for a project where much time is required for thought and decision. You are therefore not reliable in your plans which will often be postponed until you are forced by circumstances to carry them out. You are very sensitive and find it difficult to bear any strain of worry or disturbance and experience brain exhaustion and nervousness. Even though there are many ups and downs in your life, you are not much affected by them.

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You are not robust in health. Your main health problems are due to mental activity and uneasiness of mind. You therefore suffer from nervous trouble and unless you get good sleep and change of atmosphere, your nervousness will grow. You are also liable to suffer from blood disorders, weakness of the respiratory system, throat infection and sometimes skin disease.

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