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January Gemstone

Month of January (GARNET & PEARL)

The month of January is dominated by the planet Saturn according to the Zodiacal sign and also by the Sun, being the first month of the year.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

You should wear either Pearls, Hessonite Garnet, Blue Sapphire or Moonstone as your lucky jewels. Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days please refer to your individual number and find out the common factor and select the final gemstone as per your horoscope.

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You are skeptical and do not believe in anything unless you are convinced about the facts. You do not take quick decisions unless you are sure of the result. You are very cautious and do not like to speculate. Your mind is analytical and philosophical and you think deeply. You have energy and ambition and develop perseverance. You are very studious and methodical but take everything seriously. You have few friends and feel lonely in life. You are generally misunderstood. You are independent in thought and action and do not like to be dominated by others. You always desire leaders enterprise, otherwise you lose interest in the work. Your ideas about beauty and social behaviour are strange and therefore, you do not get on easily with your neighbours.

You are attracted to intelligent and clever people, but never like to it interfere with their affairs. You are usually disturbed by your home and family affairs and have to look after distressed or invalid relatives.

You are austere, excessively critical, fault finding and overbearing. You are dissatisfied, no matter what the recompense. You can find something to criticize in everyone else, although others think their own accomplishments as almost perfect. You do not realise the depressing effect you have upon others. You think of yourself as exceedingly accomplished and much above your associates. You think that your criticism is superior discernment and that no one measures up to your own standards. In your heart of hearts your bosses friends and relatives are greatly beneath you and you constantly pity them for being thus afflicted with the small minds they have.

You are exceedingly ambitious and think of the highest position as yours by right. It is remarkable that you should believe that the best should be yours.

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Varicose veins and hemorrhoids are common problems with persons born in January. In addition nervousness, melancholia, irritation, rheumatism and biliousness also trouble you.

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