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February Gemstone (AMETHYST & DIAMOND )

Month of January (GARNET & PEARL)

The month of February is dominated by the planet Saturn and you are governed by Saturnian characteristics.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

Your most lucky jewels are Amethyst, Diamonds , or Blue Topaz You may also wear Cat’s Eye. Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days please refer to your individual number and find out the common factor and select the final jewel or the colour.

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You value honour, prestige and dignity. You are oversensitive and are easily hurt in your feelings. In spite of your large contacts in society, you have a feeling of loneliness in life. You have a strong intuition and can read people instinctively. You have the capacity to keep the secrets of others and relieve their distress. You have the capacity to give excellent advice to others and be in a place of trust. You require some opportunity to show your qualities but when you get one, you surprise everyone by the hidden powers and abilities you possess.

You will use your energy and ability for the good of others and usually leave a name behind by service to humanity. You will have great power over excitable people or those who are hysterical or insane and you will find yourself thrown among such types in your journey through life. You have an attraction for the mysterious and the unknown and are devoted to studies of the occult and esoteric subjects. You are attached to your family and love the members of your house.

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Poor blood circulation, anaemia, palpitations and weakness of the heart, disorder of the bladder and kidneys are your main health defects. You are also liable to suffer from sore throat and difficulty with the respiratory tract. You will be inclined to buy any medicines from quacks.

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