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August Gemstone

Month of August (Amber or Topaz)

The month of August is governed by the planet Sun. You are, therefore, governed by the characteristics of the Sun.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

You should use Ruby , Blue Topaz , or Amber as your lucky jewels and stones. Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days please refer to your individual numbers and find out the common factor and select the final jewel or colour.

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You have originality, dignity, prestige and honour. You have a majestic personality which commands respect. Your assistants adore you and work willingly. You are generous and have a good understanding of human problems. In your career, you succeed and achieve the highest position. You are fond of theatres, shows and picnics. You are usually popular due to your active nature and your ability to mix in any society. Your mission is to give life, energy and enthusiasm to the world at large. You have many talents but they are of a spontaneous nature. You have a style and a grace which influence others and attract people to you with your natural brilliance and versatility.

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Even though you are a happy-go-lucky fellow and normally enjoy good health, you are also susceptible to certain health problems and have to be very particular about the following diseases: Heart trouble: Your heart trouble is a structural deformity and this can be observed even in childhood. Weak eyesight: You have magnetic eyes but they can be weak in sight. Over exertion: The most common trouble with you is over exertion. You should always be on your guard and not exert yourself too much. Sun stroke : You are also susceptible to this sickness.

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