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Month of April (Coral & Pearl)

Month of April (GARNET & PEARL)

The month of April is dominated by the planet Mars and you are governed by Martian characteristics.

Lucky Jewels And Stones

Your most lucky jewels are Coral, Pearl , or Garnet Before selecting your lucky jewels, colours and days please refer to your individual number and find out the common factor and select the final jewel and colour.

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You are dominating, energetic, active, hot-tempered, enthusiastic and a fighter. You have a capacity to organise an industry or business. You are an independent worker and can do your job when left to yourself. You do not like any interference in your work but if subjected to interference, you will step out and let the other fellow take your place. If you keep your head cool, you can reach any heights and achieve great success in life, but your arrogance.

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Obstinacy are factors which often create enemies and thus spoil your career. You are endowed with a strong will-power and determination and you always have new and original schemes. However you are hasty in decision and action. Sometimes you go to extremes and create enemies due to your frank and out-spoken nature. You are usually well off in life and amass good money. You are gifted with intuition and can know what is likely to happen in the future. You are a warrior and will fight all obstacles experiencing many dangers and changes in life.


Though you are of a strong constitution and energetic, you are susceptible to mild fever and inflammation. In your emotional state you are likely to take alcohol which you should avoid because you need control and not stimulation. Since you are governed by the planet Mars, your head and face are more affected than any other part of the body. Pain in the teeth, ears or eyes, rushing of blood to the head, headaches and risk of apoplexy are your health weaknesses. You seldom escape wounds to the head. You are also liable to suffer from liver, bladder and stomach troubles.

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