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Vastu Shastra

Pyramids are among the biggest man-made constructions created thousands of years past and still stand tall joined of the best Wonders of the globe.
Design of the Pyramid = In its most typical form, a pyramid is a huge stone or brick structure with a sq. base and four sloping triangular sides that meet during a point at the top. the form of the PYRAMID is specified all variety of cosmic radiation falling towards it's Channelized & deflected downward through the bottom of the Pyramid and once this radiation merges and unifies with the earths cosmic field a powerful positive energy is created.
In the past our rishis were absolutely alert to the miraculous power of pyramid and were with success using these within the types of varied yantras just like the most powerful SHREE YANTRA and MERU CHAKRA that type the scientific angle are also a form of PYRAMID. THE pyramid has been renowned from history as a strong style that connects to energy forces and its shape is known with healing qualities.