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Guide to Chakra Healing and Energy Chakras of the Body

The earth is a powerful magnet and has several energy fields. These fields impact all living things. The air around you has both positive and negative energy. [...]

Benefits of Ruby Gem (Manik)

Astrology is a predictive science that calculates with the use of the horoscope of every individual. Ancient texts suggest various Manik Ratna benefits a person can have if they wear them. [...]

How to break monotonous routine and rejuvenate yourself

Work-life might always feel monotonous if you not enjoying or feeling the work that you are doing or indulging into. Work is the true source of motivation not just because it keeps you busy, but also because gives you sources to fulfill your economical needs. [...]

Celebrities who believes in Gemstones


10 ways to pick right jewelry for your outfit

Dressing up for an event, or for office are referred as moments of joy because women enjoy it. [...]

How to wear cat's eye Gemstone

The outcome or positive results of wearing a Cat’s eye depends on the persons personal belief. [...]

Gomti Chakra

Gomti chakra is found in Gomti River in Gujrat and is a very rare and spiritual product in the form of a shell stone. [...]

Vastu services and its Benefits

Some call it believe, some call it trusting your stars, some go to the extent of calling it a method for extracting money out of those in need, but Raghav often says it is necessary to succeed because one needs some luck along with hard-work. [...]

Labradorite-The Rainbow Moonstone !

Almost every gemstone is unique and powerful in its own way. Labradorite is considered the most powerful guardian of the mineral kingdom. [...]

List of Panna stone Benefits


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